Weekly Sunday Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey everyone. This weeks photo challenge was SYMMETRY! For all you architecture photographers out there you probably got this one down. It was a bit of a struggle for me considering the fact that I'm not much about symmetry and more about moment. Again, this was a great exercise for me to expand my photographic eye. I think I got mine down, but we'll see.

Weekly Sunday Photo Challenge: Symmetry

It was just yesterday that I looked around my apartment figuring out the theme. The light through my kitchen window somehow gave this glow and illuminated right on the drying dish rack. I new right then that it was a good photograph for the theme. Not bad for symmetry huh?

Looks like Alissa Rose made it happen. Graves are usually considered one of the most depressing places to be. Alissa figured out a way to emotionally composed a symmetrical image. The graves look beautiful and elegant. Her decisions to keep the image black and white with medium to low contrast was perfect. Good job Alissa!

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Michael Behlen does it again. He's been pretty consistent when it comes to his styling. I love the composition with the window and the soap bottles. This is the kind of lighting I like to interpret in my style. So good! You and Alissa I think killed it today!


Alissa Rose said...

@Bueno Power! ~ I like the shape and how it is mirrored in the shadows. Good eye.

@Michael Behlen ~ I love the edges on your photo. Your photo makes me think of Fight Club and Tyler Durden washing his hands after some sort of brawl. Maybe its the pink soap.

Nice work photographers!