Day 152 of 365: Going Away Letters

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going Away Letters

It's been an interesting week as I close down the hours until departure. I have yet to begin my journey as a full time photographer in a place I'm not familiar with. I'm scared... I'm very scared, but I know that my passion will overcome my fear. And because of these letters I felt better about my situation. This is something that will help me understand that I'm doing something good.. something right... I hope I make it.


Going Away Party At A Bar I Didn't Drink At Because I Don't Drink

Going Away Bar Party

This night was pretty fun. I got a chance to say my last goodbyes and such before heading to Connecticut. This whole move thing is pretty surreal and seeing my friends last night was the icing on the cake. I loved it and had so much fun even though I don't drink. Great times and great vibes. I'll see you guys again someday.


Day 151 of 365: Last Time In Fresno

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Time in Fresno

I'm doing this blog early since I won't be coming back to my pad in Lemoore on time. I brought my laptop with me just to ensure that I got the blog done before it was due. Today I decided to use the Canon G12 to document what had happened so far. I tell ya that the quality of this camera is pretty amazing given that it's only 10mp's and it's a point-and-shoot. This will definitely help lighten the bag I carry with me everyday.


Day 150 of 365: A Day with Mom

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Day with Mom

We ate, went shopping, talked, hung out, drove, went the Lemoore N.A.S, and I got a new toy. Yeah...


Day 149 of 365: Memorial Day

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today was a special day. It's a day to celebrate my father's grave. In 2003 my father had passed away due to cancer. I remember that day when he told me he was diagnosed. It was heartbreaking seeing my family watch him slowly fade away. Till this day the feeling still rests on my shoulder and it humbles me. I didn't know who my father was, but I knew he played guitar, took care of our family, and made sure we were alright when we needed help. He was a hardworking man, very reserved... never really knew him deeply. I still do the best I can to understand his loss. So, I played guitar for him. I played it to let him know I miss him... Love you dad.. sucks that you couldn't see me graduate high school.


Day 148 of 365: Reflect and Kickback

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reflect and Kickback

After a gruesome evening of performing, shooting (in film), and socializing today was one of those days I wanted to just kickback and relax. My whole body is sore. Hope that tomorrow my body will feel a bit better.


Day 147 of 365: Photobooth Before the Show

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Photobooth Before the Show

I know that this entry is a bit early, but since I'll occupied playing the show I have no choice but to do this. So I decided to do a portrait with my buddy Bladimir Munoz. This guy has been there for me when times were tough and has helped me progress photographically. Bladimir is a great man, great photographer, and smooth with the ladies. Watch out ya'll.... he is smooth like Dos Equis.


Day 146 of 365: Simple Skies

Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple Skies



Mike Adame

Mike Adame

As we head towards Nick Fest I wanted to take the time to talk about one man that has been apart of my life. His name is Mike Adame and he currently plays keys for two bands. Through the years I've seen him go through things that not many individuals go through sober. He's a humble man, quirky, but intelligent in ways that makes his character complete and unique. Him and I used to hang out all the time, drink, smoke, really trade off ideas in music that got us excited. It was he that had helped me find my style musically. This man is pure genius with experiments not one can comprehend.

Though at one point we both had our fall offs. We wouldn't talk to each other... sort of awkward in that moment where we knew things weren't alright. Up to one point in our lives we saw how things have changed, but we still kept the spirit the same. I love this guy and I know that his hard work can pay off if he just hangs on a little longer. The picture above is an image taken when Elmo Marconi was in process of recording the 2nd EP "I Don't Want to Be Serious, Let's Watch Some Ghost Movies." Thank you Mike for being you my friend.


Day 145 of 365: At a Coffee Shop

Thursday, May 24, 2012

At a Coffee Shop

Again.. I'm sort of winging it until things start to come through. In this case I stayed at the Revue Coffee Shop before practice with Elmo Marconi. I was supposed to hang out with a couple of photogs, but unfortunately things didn't pan out the way I hoped for. It's alright. I'm sure that tomorrow will be much more interesting.


Sam and Jesse

Sam and Jesse

I've known Jesse for quite some time and being able to see him with Sam makes too much sense. These two are a great match and just recently Jesse proposed to Sam. Let me tell you if Jesse is set on something he set on it 100%. I'm pretty damn jealous that he's taken that step with someone he loves. I'm sure that the both of them are going to be okay from here on out. Congrats guys. You two are a great team


Day 144 of 365: Photo Adventure... Sort Of

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Photo Adventure... Sort Of

I totally winged it today. Wasn't sure what I was getting myself into heading toward Fresno, but I had to figure something out for today's entry. I happened to trail through the usual places and had no luck, but it all came together when Michael Behlen told me he was down to shoot. We went ahead and decided to shoot at the hour the light looked nice. This is definitely something I want to do again tomorrow... Mike.. hope you are ready for another session my friend.


Vlog #42: A Stranger A Friend Series Up!!


I Saw The Light: A Cities Landscape

I Saw The Light: A Cities Landscape

For my Concept Project class we were issued two final projects. One had a guideline of what we wanted to do and the other would be a complete opposite. Example: If I were to photograph conceptual portraits in a studio and have shallow depth of field in color my second project would be on location, representational, still life, high depth of field, and in B&W. This project was the the second portion of the final. The shot above sparked the idea when it was photographed on March 3rd of this year. These spotlights would hit the building on the later afternoons which create a fill light in the shadows. I was most intrigued by how it shined so brightly. For a day or so I photographed during that time and processed them BUENO POWER STYLE! I went ahead and tried to create a film noir look to the images. I think it came it out pretty successful.


Day 143 of 365: Tristian Harbor

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tristian Harbor

I've known this man since high school and every time I get a chance to hang out with him it's like things have never changed. Through most of my life I've went through many phases, but he's always been there to support me and understand the life I lived through all these years. Tristian has been through much himself. In the passing of his sister, father, and recent divorce with his wife Tristian continues to stand strong till this day. More so than ever he's never given up being the good man he is and that is something many people in the world lose at a certain age. Tristian... I love you my friend and I'm glad you still exist.


Photographers I've Been Following: Documentary Edition

I'm very much interested in documentary photography as it is my field of major. The stories that they tell are just simply amazing and through many genres of photography this is the most honest. When I look at their work I start to gather ideas of how I want to build narratives in my photography. It helps me realize how personal I should be while capturing these moments. Stories can impact an individuals understanding of how a certain situation should be noticed or how an individual should feel. All in all stories are an essential part of how we view the world.

Today I present to you three photographers that I have been following. I am honored to know them personally and with that I want to share to you photographers that have changed my perspective graphically and emotionally.


Day 142 of 365: Preparations

Monday, May 21, 2012


My mom and I have been making preparations to make sure everything is going according to plan for the move. I'm definitely nervous as each day comes. Through this time I am doing the best I can to keep sane and make sure that I have everything I need to bring with me to the good ol' CT. Things are getting hectic, but I will do my best to make it happen. Thanks Mom for all the support.


Day 141 of 365: Mom's House

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mom's House

I"m currently staying here for the time being. This will give me a chance to reflect on what has happened all these years living in California. This is where it started for me. The place where my dreams have been in constant motion. Being back is weird enough. Most of the people in this town don't vibe with me at all. I'm going to be figuring how I can tackle photographing Lemoore. It's going to be tough, but I'm sure I can pull it off.


Nick Henebury

Nick Henebury

I am very lucky to have met this man in the years he was present. A kind man, humble, just straight chill, who was love by many individuals in the Fresno scene. Years ago Nick was involved in a car accident between highway 99 and 198. Losing him impacted so much in the scene. His family had kept in touch with us as he was involved in a couple of shows that my band Elmo Marconi and others performed. It showed how much Nick ment to all of us and this Saturday we will celebrate the memory of Nick Henebury in the annual NICKFEST! Nick.. we miss you and finding these pictures definitely brought back memories. They were great times in the moments you were there. Hope you're watching over us. We will see you someday.


Vlog #41: Missin my Crew... Friends, Photographers and AAU


Day 140 of 365: To the AAU Kids

Saturday, May 19, 2012

To the AAU Kids

As I'm packin' up and hitting the road back to where it all started I begin to reminisce the times I had in this school. I begin to remember the people I've met, I've photographed, and have shared ideas with. It's been a great few years and now I think I'm ready to move on to do what I love.... photography... Thank you guys for all the support. I will make you proud going out there and doing it up.


Day 139 of 365: Before and After the Grads

Friday, May 18, 2012

Before and After the Grads

I had work today photographing graduation portraits at the University of San Francisco. I was a little early starting work and decided to photograph some things before, during, and slightly after the ceremony. Bill Cosby happened to show up for one of he graduations. It was pretty cool. Other than that just a hard working day.


Day 138 of 365: Packing

Thursday, May 17, 2012


As of right now I'm still feeling weird. I'm not too sure what to expect, but I know that things will get better in the meantime. I'm so nervous, scared, all over the spectrum.. but I know that things will be alright. It's going to be interesting for the rest of the year.


Theo Slavin

For the amount of time I've known Theo I've seen the progress of his work. Through the design, content, color combinations, and tones his images speak many languages. Sure that most people don't get the aspects of his work, but even he can't understand what he's really looking for. Photographically his images are honest. Straight to the point, no bullshit, right down the middle. What makes him different from many other photographers is his passion for the work he produces. In an image he presents he cares about it. They are not throw away photographs... they are photographs that tell a story that he was there sober, drunk, tired or awake.

Check out his zine Devour and pick it up for $7. It's an awesome body of work. Presents a sense of self through images that don't make any sense.


Vlog #40: Afterthoughts of Finals and Moving


Day 137 of 365: My Concept Project Class

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Concept Project Class

Because of this man I was able to look at my photography at a different angle. I was able to photograph things I wouldn't think I would photograph. Because of this man I am more comfortable and confident on a medium that I love to do and will do it because I love it. This class has given me much to think about photographically. I was able to see my images stylistically in terms of how I compose within the frame. The students share such beautiful work and I am lucky to know these individuals are making it happen. David Wasserman... I'm definitely grateful to finally be your student and part of your life. Thank you my friend.


Day 136 of 365: Random's

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since finals are almost over and I haven't been able to develop very good themes I wanted to show what my day was like today. And let me tell you... it wasn't all that exciting.


Mission Street Portraits

Mission District Portraits

For a couple of weekends I started to shoot through the Mission District to get a different feel of the street. My main area is downtown which I'm most comfortable, so shooting here is a bit different. I'm not foreign to the area, but trying to find a moment in such a place was difficult to capture. Well... I decided to go about this place doing portraits which turned into a final project for my People Illustration. It was a lot of fun and it may be something I want to try and pursue conceptually for other projects later in the future. The people here are friendly, great vibes all around, just doing their thing, hanging out. Thank you guys... it was fun.


Day 135 of 365: What the Hell Happened

Monday, May 14, 2012

What the Hell Happened

Today was a blur. Tomorrow will be I'm sure


Day 134 of 365: Bart Station Self Portrait

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bart Station Self Portrait

Happy Mother's Day Mom. Your son still looks the same


Day 133 of 365: I'll See You in Awhile

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'll See You in Awhile

Chris and Connie will be leaving to South Dakota at the end of the month. Today was the day (and possibly the last day) I had the opportunity to see them before they embarked in their new journey. They were a big part of my life when I first met Donna back in Fresno. Up until now they've always had a positive attitude on things and never lost focused on what they loved doing. These individuals are simple, smart, and ahead of the game. Imma miss the both of you. I know we don't talk much, but I know that deep down that we will meet again someday. Love you both....


Day 132 of 365: Devour

Friday, May 11, 2012


Theo just recently showed me a sample of a Zine he's working on. Since our recent exhibition Theo felt motivated to release a body of work he's never released before. Still in process Devour is a collection of images that points a perspective through the thoughts and feelings of Theo. Though many months of shooting and many nights of drinking Devour consumes viewers through the confusing imagery the world can be. Check out his current work through his Tumblr page.


Day 131 of 365: Still Life Tea

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still Life Tea

I love how my tea sets looks through window light. There's a beauty behind it that I cannot fathom. I had my white balance set at 2900K which gave it this cold feel. I thought it was interesting so I just left it the way it is.


Day 130 of 365: Bueno Power // Everyday Preview

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Everyday Preview

The second installment of my Zine is for a final I will be turning in next week. This is still under works as it is a rough run towards what I want to fill in. Many of the images I've taken since last year has shifted in ways, but the lighting seems to be consistent all around. I basically need to figure out how I want to synch them in sort of the melody that I'm hearing in my head. If I finish this project soon enough I'll let you know first hand... for now... It's still in progress.


Day 129 of 365: Bladimir Concept Shoot

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bladimir Concept Shoot

Earlier this morning Bladimir had the opportunity to photograph in the MPT room at 79 New Montgomery. This room is where they record all the newscast stuff for the school (I think). Hilary Sander (one of the most talented photographers at AAU and selected student for the Spring Show) was the subject for the concept along with Phillip, a fitness trainer from the Bay. It was an interesting morning and while Bladimir was setting up the shoot I was observing his vision of how he wanted to capture it. Knowing Blad he's one of many that loves to conceptualize his shoots. I think this one is going to be successful and hopefully he can continue into the series.


Day 128 of 365: My Photo Gear

Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo Gear

I didn't know what to post up for my 365, so I decided to show my photo setup.

Canon 60 w/17-50mm Tamron Lens
Olympus OM-PC w/28mm
Canon 7 w/35mm Jupiter-12 Lens
Ricoh FF-90
Canon 550 EX Speedlight
Vivitar 2600-D
Cowboy Studio Wireless Trigger

This setup is not at all complicated. I try to keep it simple as much as possible. I had photographed some other stuff earlier today on my DSLR, but it wasn't good enough for my 365. So yeah... if you guys have any questions on my setup just email me and we can talk.


Day 127 of 365: Self Portrait of the Morning After

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Self Portrait of the Morning After

Theo and I decided to do it up street style at the Mission District and Hayes Valley Area with flash. We ended up going to this party that Bladimir Munoz invited me to with his roommate Lily. Throughout the night I kicked it and took pictures, all in film. I somehow stayed too late and missed my train to Daly City. Theo was awesome to let me crash on his floor, but that floor really did a number on my body. When I woke up I gathered my things, took some pictures of the ambient lighting through the windows (sorry Theo.. I took a picture of you sleeping), and went to Sugar Cafe before the Daly City Bart Train came. When I arrived to Daly City I went on walking to the apartment. When I arrived at my humble abode I decided to take a picture of what I was feeling throughout all I went through from last night till this morning. I don't know how I did it when I was younger, but dealing with this again was exhausting.


The Weekly Sundays Photo Challenge: Panorama

This weeks challenge involves doing a little bit of photoshop. Luckily I knew how to approach this in such a way that it doesn't have me pulling my hair... just has me wait fifteen minutes to get it all gathered up. Though that I'm not much of a photoshop user I definitely know how to use the tools when it is needed. So here it is!!!


Day 126 of 365: Details of a Graduation

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Details of a Graduation

I had a gig with Gradimages photographing the Engineering class of 2012 down at Stockton. We arrived early enabling me to go in and just shoot some interiors.


Day 125 of 365: Twelve Hour Runs

Friday, May 4, 2012

Twelve Hour Runs

This is what a twelve hour day looks like with Theo and Sean


Day 124 of 365: Old Groves Zine + Vlog #39

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old Groves

Albert of Old Groves had recently sent me his Zine via mail and just received it yesterday. I wanted it to be part of my 365 blog so here it is!!! Check it out!

Note: Albert used to frontman the band Don't Trip. They were a great hardcore band back in the day so check it out!


Vlog #38: AAU Midpoint Review Afterthoughts


Next Sunday Photo Challenge Theme



Day 123 of 365: Before School

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Before School

Haven't brought my DSLR to the streets lately. I usually pack my rangefinder and shoot with that in the morning and use my DSLR for more thematic shoots. Lately film has taken over a good portion of what I do and packing my DSLR doesn't help me get the shots I want. I've been thinking about getting a different digital body (that Olympus OM-D is looking pretty damn good) just so that I can find the motivation to shoot digital again. Right now film is taken over most of what I love doing and that might be a problem?


Expired Landscapes

Expired Landscapes

About a couple of weeks ago I went with Sean Custer to the Tide Pools in Pacifica where my instructor Wasserman was hosting a class. I had a lot of expired film that I wanted to use up so with my Canon 7 I shot a bunch of landscapes. Loads of fun I must say and interesting color palettes that I received from it. It may be something I want to do for another project.


Day 122 of 365: 5 Minute Occupy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Minute Occupy

I happened to walk into another Occupy protest... it was short.