Daily Collect

Friday, May 26, 2023

Head in the Clouds 2023 was more like Rain in the Clouds 2023. The whole experience was back and forth due to the weather conditions, but for the most part I was able to see Dumbfoundead & Beabadoobee perform. And like always they put on good shows. In fact everyone put on a good show.. I just wasn't interested in their music. This was sort of one of those things that I needed to do just to see them play once. It was good.

Would I go back to see this festival again? Maybe not, but that's just because the performances aren't really to my taste. I respect these artists, but I can't relate.

I'm glad they're around though. Do it for the kids.

- Arthur


Yo WTF Did I Not Want To Do Anything This Week?

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Honestly, on some real shit I had this fatigue and wasn't sure if I was depressed or just burnt out completely. Over the last few days I felt no need to exert myself and take as much rest as I can. And since my girlfriend is away for company activity until this Friday I've been kind of realizing how much of my mental is attached to her presence. I hate that she's away, but that's just me being love sick.

But the past few days had me learn to be more alone that I usually am. And you know it's not bad to have some solitude to yourself without any worry. Its just a good reminder that you can reorganize some thoughts and priorities you have been keeping idle towards the finish line.

So, I've been keeping myself busy a bit. I finally cut up the developed film that I had neglected for months and had started the scanning process of the images. I finally get to see new shit this time rather see some old stuff I've been trying to rescan for the last few years. And pretty soon I'm going to get my ass in check and develop all the film that's been sitting in the closet and my desk to get that prepared for some scanning shit as well.

The creative grind is still in effect. I'm trying to take things slowly, but I think I want to amp up a bit and just start getting these images out there. There are a lot of prospective projects I want to complete before I die and this is one of those goals lol.

I'm going to be leaving for Chicago this weekend to go see Mamamoo perform. I'll check back in next week and write about my experience. Hope to eat a bunch of fucked up food hahahaha.

- Arthur


Tumblr Nostalgia

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

During the tumblr days you could find yourself immersed in the world of photographers who are upcoming, current or casual posters celebrating a craft that journals out their lives. As someone who still considers himself a novice in the photographer world I looked up to these people showing me a bit of themselves and their contributions to other tumblr sites and such. Bands were also a deep dive for me in the age of Bay Area hardcore (thank you Comadre) and the amount of underground noise it generated. It was almost a replacement for Myspace for me since that kind of network did not exist anywhere else.

These days Instagram, Facebook (surprisingly for some), Tik Tok and even YouTube are the new networks for social media coverage. And I find myself sort of lost in the fold most of the time. And maybe because I don't have a network like most people do. Above all these are the current ones while tumblr just sits there with much of its dead sites.

I miss the fact that I could look after my favorite artists and see what he/she/they post or repost. Their thoughts, their inspirations, their frustrations... A lot of the ways they view the world just by images or text so simple. I was an avid poster myself (I didn't have much of a following their either lol) and it was interesting seeing the images sort of pop out a bit when I showcased my work. What was cool is the fact that artists were certainly communitive and very kind (at least in my eyes) and supported each other every way they can. Now? I'm not sure that's the case. I'm starting to get annoyed just looking at my feed these days.

I give Tumblr props for helping me find some of the best artists. It was indeed one of the best times I had through a network of folks who were upcoming and have come out showing their best works. I wish I could find that with these current socials, but I think I'm out of the loop with everything else.

Funny enough though.. I reopened my Tumblr account again hahahaha. I'll most likely be cleaning it up configuring some images that I don't want to show (aka my ex). I'm posting my Daily Collect work there so check it out. And like that platform I'm going to strictly be doing DigiCam stuff anyway.

I don't know what I started this thing again. Maybe I'm after some nostalgia and maybe I'm just tired of looking at the gram now. But hey... who knows? It might be good again in the near future.