Second Chances Don't Really Exist Anymore Do They?

Thursday, March 31, 2022

I've been having these thoughts about the cancel culture these days and its inability to grant people a license for redemption. Regardless of the work they put in the mistake/s they made will never stray away from their persona. It's a weird area of conversation, but some mistakes can't be forgiven on the nature of its purpose.

I was listening to a Bobby Lee podcast episode which highlighted the effects of cancel culture on comedians and what it's done to their careers. The amount of damage its done is baffling nearly (or completely) crippling their whole existence to almost infinity. And to be honest the judgement call for some of these folks can be a bit harsh. Even normal people, like myself, could suucumb to that dimension depending on the rating of the fuck up. In any case forgiveness isn't really granted. And there's certainly a ratio that differs from each class.

Even then the agenda to villainize someone just because of betrayal or clout isn't talked about. I find it interesting to see a person devote a collected amount of time and energy just to ruin a reputation or career. However, some of these paramenters that determine a persons shitty character could be validated. If that assessment needs to be known to protect others I could certainly be in for that. For the most part... second chances don't exist anymore.

I'm lucky to have the chances I was given. Humbled me real quick. And you know I try to give certain people the benefit of the doubt if they came at me all crooked. But there are some people that are just too dumb and undeserving for a chance. Usually entitled or people that just don't get it. By then I've already put my hand in my pocket and I just look at them.

There are numerous amounts of times I've crossed people with some of the most fucked up shit. And I'm pretty sure those people will always look at me that way. Now? Well... I try to think first before I speak lol. I do slip, but not too far where I can't make a comback.

Respect is something I try to give first. I don't expect receipts from other people, but it's a good way to gauge a person if it isn't reciprocated. And the amount of people I've met with this approach has, for the most part, granted me great results. We don't get a lot of that around here.

What do you think? Do we still have redemption in this world? Or is it you fuck up and then you're done?

- (Arthur_)


It's a Good Time to Do it Alone

Sunday, March 20, 2022

I've been thinking a lot about the independency of what I do and how much of the process takes to create, polish and deploy to people that are interested. "It's a Good Time to do it Alone" is such a stiff statement to me, but a reality in how I approach my visions and such. I'm not called for collabs, not asked to be taught how to do X, Y & Z and not noted to be this role model people aspire to be. I'm simply someone who just lives in this world and tries to understand it by what I know.

The spaces that I grew up in has changed so much in the last 10 years and has gifted me much to think about: The way we dress, the way a camera looks around a persons neck vs the shoulder, why I need to use certain chords to match with this effects pedal... a sleuth of things that become unnecessary when all I needed to know was how I can take a picture and whats the best way to make my guitar sound like water.

The more and more people display their lives the less I get interested in knowing why these things exist on my phone. I've become more annoyed about it more than anything, but I have to have it just in case? It's electronic cancer. It's a cancer that just consumes me for no reason. And I keep going back to it everyday. I fucking hate it man.

This project just got released today. It's a project that I've been toying with for the last few months figuring out how I could deploy it, what would be the concept and how I would arrange it. I realized it was another stem of how I go about my work since I started this project. It's a diary. Not a polished one, but a diary entry that I wrote down kinda on a whim. I added some tape loop sounds, pieced it together and mastered it all by myself. And that's kinda it. Nothing more, nothing less.

It takes time to figure out all this shit unfortunately. I've only had studies in photography and even then I'd always wanted to find my voice in the medium rather be of what everyone expected to be. Finding a point in your creative space is certainly slow and most of the time people lose it or end up following what everyone else is doing. It's a big mess and I see it all the time with the young and older folks that are trying to get some clout or gains from it.

But what do I know right? I'm just some person who just doesn't really care honestly. If anyone likes what I do then it'll come around. Maybe it'll make sense to someone later on? Who knows.

I've been having a good time writing again and maybe I'll be posting more in the next couple of weeks. I just need to make time to be creative. Even at least 15 minutes.


My Current Project

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Over the last few years I've dedicated my time honing my craft onto the LST LVS project. A lofi photo/music diary sharing a bit of who I am through pictures and songs. And with the ability to combine both works together it's giving me purpose to look and listen to these pictures and songs differently.

I've noticed that I've been having fun making this work for the first time in years. All I do now is look forward to the next song or idea or picture or concept or whatever the fuck it is that involves me participating on this project. I've never thought i'd make a project that could involve both mediums together and it make sense. The images and songs somehow work together.

I know people don't really care about this project, but maybe one day the idea and approach will inspire someone to make work that may even be better than mine. Making art is exciting these days and I hope that it will help me keep alive as the years go by.

With that being said please check out the demo song if you haven't already!

- Arthur