Day 49 of 365: Morning... The Light I Felt

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Morning.. The Light I Felt

In that morning I felt clear and clean...

It was one of those days. A time I needed to recuperate. I'm constantly riding the busy bus. Not eating. Not sleeping. Letting myself get more in-tuned with what I'm working on. I felt it. A clear sense of relief and direction. The light gave me a chance to soothe myself away from things that stress me out. The light was beautiful today. Even though I stayed home I kept myself occupied with other things. I focused on how well the light shined. It shined beautifully in my room. It brought beautiful colors through the windows. I let it warm my body and let it control my mood. It was a good day to relax. A good day to soothe. A good day to breathe. A good day to not move.

Morning.. The Light I Felt