Day 38 of 365: Street Modelin'

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Through Window of Night

Bay Area weather can either be your friend or your enemy. Depending on your situation, whether it be setup shoots or improv capture, you're either prepared or you're screwed. The best advice I can give any photographer is never leave home without a flash. So, today's weather report was rain and overcast skies all day. Most of the rain done it's deed in the morning while overcast skies hovered the city. Most photographers would approach this as letting your f/stop open up to get an overall semi-even exposure. Well.. that wasn't the case for me. I wanted them to pop out! And so I did.... The street wasn't action packed and will it ever be on most Tuesdays, but the people are wearing some interesting clothing right now. I was attracted by the fact that some are trying to dress lighter than usual. I think the public is ready for spring... yeah.. I would be too.

Fashion Street

Fashion Street