Day 35 of 365: Getting Close

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting Close

In the first year of photography I wanted to be a fine art photographer. I was more interested in the aesthetics of the image than I was the content. I love the shallow depth of field, the contrasty tones, and getting in close on just random things. I remember the first image that I printed was an image of a metal frame in my old backyard of Fresno. It was a good day out and for some reason the light touched the frame in such a way. I had my camera, I took a couple of minutes observing it, and clicked the shutter. Took a couple of more just in case and went about my day. When I developed the roll and printed out the image I was amazed on the results. It pumped me up to know that I got something right. It became one of my favorite images at the time. Now looking back I kinda miss those days where I took my time clicking the shutter. Maybe I could get into that aspect of photography again. For now.. I'll stick to the streets..