What's Happening Now?

Monday, October 16, 2023

This is the first time in awhile where I'm actually in my front porch writing something while drinking coffee and listening to some beats to study or relax to:

I seriously bought this record on vinyl and have enjoyed it in times where the weather feels a bit melancholy. And of course like most mornings this past week the sky is overcast and the coffee is warm enough to keep me awake before work. I'm playing the record and I'm feeling all kinds of feelings, but in a good way.

Despite that things are at a good pace. Just recently my girlfriends brother needs to back off of martial arts training to occupy other commitments. To tell you the truth I was a bit upset about it, but at the same time it gives me opportunities to meet other people in the gym. Scott was a great partner for training, but since he's gone I'll have to find someone who is down on the days I go to class. Strictly be focusing on Muay Thai now since my old partner won't be partaking in the gym anymore ( we were also going to Krav Maga, but I wasn't so much interested in that ). I'm thinking about attending the actual sparring class coming next year, but we'll see how that goes.

My health has been pretty good lately and I'm wanting to amplify that by doing the gym a bit harder in the next few weeks. I'm starting to look at other people and realize that this isn't really how I want to look. Everyone is so droopy, out of date, upset and just jaded and I'm like telling myself "do I really want to look like that?". Everyone has an issue with something or there's like this complaint train that just is like aaaaahhhhhhhh gawd can you just chill for a bit man?

For the most part I'm trying to keep to myself, but also enjoy the company I keep for the time I'm around them. I can't be that type of person that judges because their character doesn't aline with mine, however, sometimes there are things these people do and say that shakes my head and puts me in the position of "you really think like that?".

Things are good here and I'm going to keep myself quiet as much as I can.

- Arthur


It Took Awhile to Get Here

Monday, October 2, 2023

After my Nanay had passed away I've felt uninspried to blog about anything. And even then I'm here sort of figuring out how to get comfortable again. But honestly I've been quite busy. Busy because I know I should be productive for the most part. Busy because that's all I know how to be when I want to run from stuff.

At the same time I've been surrounded by my loved ones to at least deal with the fact that my grandmother had lived a pretty fulfilling life and that she was around her loved ones before she left. So here I am.... trying to write shit again.

This record finally comes out and I'm actually happy that I had the confidence to arrange a specific thing. My friends and family have been very supportive about it and I'm happy they enjoyed it. The record is certainly a diary of my time photographing the street and I'm glad that I was able to perform.

I know this is sort of a jumbled post considering that death and a record is talked about, but that's the general feeling that I have right now. I'm happy, trust, but still melancholy about certain things that I would wish had been better. It's okay though. I'm here now and I'm hoping to post more soon.

- Arthur