Day 270 of 365: Assignment 3.1 Text/Image Narratives

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Assignment 3.1 Text/Image Narratives

For my Documentary Text & Image class we are given an assignment to narrate a truth and lie about ourselves. This assignment has me slightly stumped, but I got an idea to complete it. I decided to show a vulnerable side of myself in a way that tells a truth by showing my commitment to straight edge. To many of you this idea can be a joke, but among the people who understand... it's been the best choice they've made in their life. Lots of us in this world get lost with substance abuse and don't really understand the true beauty of sobriety. Sure that it's okay to drink or smoke here in there, but as it goes out of hand the casual drink and smoke become addictions. I'm a victim to this, but have somehow overcome the struggles and am now clean. I thank the people who have supported me on this decision... and thank straight edge for being there for me.