Day 248 of 365: A Letter To the President

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

Hi, my name is Arthur Bueno, and I am writing to you on this blog today in regards to the elections coming up. I'm happy that you've been doing the best you can to help our people overcome these struggles. Even though the growth of our economy is still progress we need to find more ways to help our people survive. I am not a Republican, Democrat, or Liberal, but I am for progressive thinking, equal rights, and the ability to speak out on problems we Americans continue to face. I am not against religion nor against people that don't believe in it. I am a man who feels that everyone has rights to who they are and what they want to be. I just want equal rights between the rich and poor. I want our students that continue to struggle to pay their student loans get some help so they struggle no more. I want... what's best for this country. I want everyone to be proud to be an "American."