Weekly Sunday Photo Challenge: Night Time Fashion Shoot

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Michael Behlen wanted us to do something a little different this time. In this challenge the theme was to shoot Fashion at night. It was required to use some sort of strobe or speedlite to complete the challenge. Now.. I for one am not good at fashion, but I am a pretty big fan of it. So... I asked a friend of mine, Kelly Keltos to model for me for this shoot.

Kelly Keltos

Kelly basically owned it. I wanted a film noir look and she had the right outfit on. I got in there like Bruce Gilden would. I got in close, used flash, and directed the light to make it more dramatic. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it! Hopefully I can do more of these shoots later on!

Michael Behlen

Doing nighttime photo shoots are pretty tough especially if you don't have the right location and the right wardrobe. Since Michael lives in the Valley it's hard to find people to photograph. So.. with that said Mike did an awesome job. I loved how he keept the detail of the sky and how he angled his light. I'm feelin' his attitude since most Fresno kids I know can be pretty solid. I'm most interested in the location Michael Behlen shot. The wardrobe and the background fits to the purpose of this shoot. Good job Mike.. keep it up!


Michael Behlen said...

Dude, this is super goooodd! Great work! And you def captured that film look (as always!).