Yo WTF Did I Not Want To Do Anything This Week?

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Honestly, on some real shit I had this fatigue and wasn't sure if I was depressed or just burnt out completely. Over the last few days I felt no need to exert myself and take as much rest as I can. And since my girlfriend is away for company activity until this Friday I've been kind of realizing how much of my mental is attached to her presence. I hate that she's away, but that's just me being love sick.

But the past few days had me learn to be more alone that I usually am. And you know it's not bad to have some solitude to yourself without any worry. Its just a good reminder that you can reorganize some thoughts and priorities you have been keeping idle towards the finish line.

So, I've been keeping myself busy a bit. I finally cut up the developed film that I had neglected for months and had started the scanning process of the images. I finally get to see new shit this time rather see some old stuff I've been trying to rescan for the last few years. And pretty soon I'm going to get my ass in check and develop all the film that's been sitting in the closet and my desk to get that prepared for some scanning shit as well.

The creative grind is still in effect. I'm trying to take things slowly, but I think I want to amp up a bit and just start getting these images out there. There are a lot of prospective projects I want to complete before I die and this is one of those goals lol.

I'm going to be leaving for Chicago this weekend to go see Mamamoo perform. I'll check back in next week and write about my experience. Hope to eat a bunch of fucked up food hahahaha.

- Arthur