Daily Collect

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The other day I conducted a live event (with my brother helping me facilitate the matter) regarding a record I'm releasing this coming Saturday. A good amount of people came out showing support and definitely validated everything I've been working on this whole time. The event was nearly flawless start to finish and I cannot thank my brother enough for helping me do this.

I have a record coming out called "10 Years I Still Don't Know You". The record is about my nephew and his family and what it felt like to be reconnected with family after all these years. It's weird how the turn of events could be led by making a sepcific choice. Being divorced was one of the best choices I've made.

Briefly I think about my past life and realize how much of a disease it was. And considering what I've been through it was the realization that certain people don't have a clue of how far they take certain things. Love is certainly blind and it's dumb how it can make you settle into things that is not agreeable. And for that moment when I realized I had enough....

- Arthur