The Daily Collect

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

I hope I don't get burnt out of this exercise, but I'm going to attempt to work on just shooting small things and posting them as a small photo exercise. Normally I'm one to keep work hidden away from everybody, but since I've been working on getting better at just having fun with stuff (and packing a very light crappy camera) I've been into the idea of just going for it and just post on my blog and Insta. No sort of expectations. Just keep working on that eye.

And I think a lot of that self loathing and being so particular about everything can be a bit much when the goal to doing what you do is to have fun. I know the above image here states otherwise (I'm tired this week), but it's been a thing. Just shoot shoot and shoot. I also don't need to post all this crazy shit all the time. Just do it up.

When you don't have any expectations why hold back? It's been going pretty well these last few days as a creative. Lets just keep it going.

- Arthur