Daily Collect

Monday, May 22, 2023

I don't know what it is, but awhile ago there's this photographer Kate Sweeney who used to run this tumblr pairing 2 images together to create these relationships. At times it could be awkward and other times it comes together. Above all they play or fight with each other. The identity is sort of enhanced when it could've been stagnent on its own.

The pairing system has been an approach I've been very much keen on and love how the images sort of play together. I use it quite often as I feel like some of the images that I make need other images to compliment it and continue on whatever idea or story I'm try to convey. This may not be a fluent thing when I'm posting more these days, but something I'll be working on towards when I'm reviewing my images.

These images are just some finds I've snapped that, in edit, saw a potential of something a bit strange to put together. It was fun finding this pairing and hope I can find other images that can do the same.

- Arthur