A Letter to an artist

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Hey there. Thanks for taking my money and just totally ghosting me this whole time. I know that you have some financial trouble and that you were trying to get your feet off the ground photographing shit. But I can't excuse the fact that I've had a print waiting from you for the last few years and tried to establish a good artist relationship with you when all of a sudden I've not heard from you about the status of these things. You've just taken my money and just left. Honestly, that's kinda fucked up.

This whole time I've been a fan of your work seeing as you've been doing your best to just take these cool portraits, cool landscape photos and cool double exposures that this work spoke to me that I've never had in a long time. I could never be as good as a photographer as you are and loved every ounce of the stuff you've produced.

But your business practice lacks a lot and spending time and some of my money to invest on being your fan... I think I'm closing this chapter and removing you from my life. And can't see myself supporting someone who just takes the money and runs and doesn't give me the time or day to even realize what you had forgotten. That's fucked up. I hope the next client doesn't feel this way. I hope the next fan doesn't feel this way. Because one things for sure. Karma a bitch.

Communicate with your fans about this shit. Especially to the ones that root for you all the way

- Arthur