A Pie Chart That Says A lot About Our Career

Friday, August 31, 2012

I've been seeing this chart on a couple of posts as of late and it's got me wondering: Does the public really think that we just take pictures and have fun? Do we photographers only spend our time just editing, promoting, and learning? So why is it that we just don't take pictures and have fun? Do we need to spend more time promoting our work than take pictures?

These views on photography are quite valid and there's a good amount of work that needs to be done in order for us to make this art become a career. But remember this...

Even though that we have this misconceived view from people and that in the real world much needs to be done to create a career out of photography a good portion of us do enjoy the editing, going to meetings, promoting, blogging, and the like. It is a reality we photographers do face, but for some us we enjoy the amount of work that it takes to get us out their in the world. It can get frustrating at points, but with any kind of art that's what helps grow and learn new things.

So yes... we do have fun and take lots of pictures, but it does require a lot of work to get to where we want to go. It also doesn't mean that we don't enjoy doing all that work... for some people I suppose.

I enjoy the amount of work I have to do in order for me to get me out there. If it means blogging everyday, shooting everyday, promoting, looking for gigs... it's a continuous modus operandi. You learn and take pictures as much as you can, you blog about your work, you promote your work, you take endless amount of hours editing your work. We are not just business, but we do have to talk business. Anyone understand where I'm coming from? Let me know what you think.