Photographers I've Been Following: Fashion Edition

Saturday, January 28, 2012

You get those days where certain styles of photography starts to become repetitive. I then start to see the same things appear in my photographs. Same compositions, content, and then some. Lately, I've been delving into the world of fashion (well.. I've been into it for awhile now). It has allowed me to look at my images and compositions more effectively when I'm out on the street. Well... for this post I wanted to show some work I've been looking at as of late. They actually go to my school and are upcoming photographers in the industry. There are only a select few that can really pull this off.

May Xiong

From what I understand she's from my hometown of Fresno, CA. I barely know her, but I am a big fan of her work. This photo series (Photo is titled "Becoming Ghosts") is still in production, but based on some of the images I've seen I know that this will be amazing! There's this elegance, but mysterious feel to it that attracts me to her images. Her compositions give off this comfortable element that lets me get lost. It's an awesome series and I hope to see this get finished.


In my first semester in AAU I somehow got to know Jen Miyako in our Color Photography class w/Bryan Hewitt. Based on the images that I've seen from that semester till now I've noticed she's gotten a great grasp with color. I love the the color palettes she uses and the attention to detail regarding that. Also like the focus in the eyes. They become another prominent figure in her images. Great work and I hope she continues with it!

Rus Anson

She appeared as a guest speaker in my Visualization class w/Tim Mena. She shared her portfolio and progress among the students and oh man.. it was soo good! What I like about her work is the fact that she can establish a theme onto one image alone. She doesn't necessarily need to do a series of images to get her point across. The detail within the subjects, the colors, and the compositions are almost mind blowing. Every shot can be displayed in a magazine spread. Who would've thought that a graduate from AAU will be working in New York? Amazing stuff!

It's good to allow yourself the opportunity to look at different work for a change. These photographers build the concepts first before they shoot. Sometimes those concepts can be in development for weeks. It's nuts! But to be a great fashion photographer you have to exercise your mind a bit. I'm not a big fan of crazy fashion photography, but I do like the element and attitude it brings. If there's a way I can implement my style into fashion I would definitely go for it.. but that's a concept that I'm still working on. :)