Day 12 of 365: Straight Edge

Thursday, January 12, 2012


2009 started the year that I would be sober. The years before that were engulfed with bad habits such as smoking, getting high, and drinking. I made a lot of shitty friends, made a lot of bad choices, and had a crappy personality. I was out there thinking I knew it all. But one night it sort of dawned to me. It was toward the end of the year that I had went through some personal things. I had a roommate that needed a home for awhile until he got back on his feet. He was an old associate that I used to work with awhile back. During the time he lived with me his girlfriend left him, he lost his job, and went under unemployment. He would drink all day, smoke all day, and sit in his room on his laptop playing W.O.W. He wouldn't eat. He would replace food for beer and cigarettes. He would bring girls in his room and just fuck em. He would start fights with people. On the night of New Years Eve shit was going wrong and I saw him feeling lost. I saw him sort of fall apart. He broke down. Didn't know what to do. I think that moment occurred to me that I needed to change. Those bad habits sort of reflected on how I dealt with things and did things. I knew I didn't want to end up like him. So I decided to go sober. Probably the best choice I made.


Thank you to all the people that helped me stay sober. Thank you to all the straight edge friends that supported my way of living. Thank you to all my friends that believed in me when I said I wanted to stay this way. And thank you straight edge for existing.