Monday, October 6, 2014

This week I'm going to focus on some bands that I've been listening to for awhile. The three bands featured are not limited to the number of bands that have affected my way of how I look at the world. To tell you the truth punk, emo, and hardcore have been an important asset to my life and had helped me cope with life in times I felt it difficult to live.

I just recently discovered this song through the Run For Cover Records bandcamp. I remembered listening to it the first time while at work and I was taken away by the dynamics, the driving melody, and just the classic hardcore sound I'm so familiar with. But the lyrical content is what strikes me:

"This is the park where you fell asleep, and couldnt tell if it was a dream,
when you opened your eyes and saw the man hiding in the trees.
This is the street where the woman died,
she had the problem of being too sweet,
and how naive of me to think I couldnt get homesick in a week."

And it couldn't get any better than this. Listening to this song helped me imagine the world in black and white. I've been thinking about how I could compose these images in such a way based on the melody of this song. This fall is going to be an interesting one.