Friday, October 10, 2014

If this didn't exist I could only imagine the kind of person I would be today. American Football was such a iconic figure in my life. I could get lost in this album so easily that popping it in would have me listen from beginning to end. At points where past relationships went down in turmoil I could go back to these sets of songs and cope with whatever I felt at the time. Musically the songs share simple concepts that develop into 4 minute stories of the young who have a hard time controlling their fates. The emotional palette and structure introduce a color that's both calm and quiet most listeners can relate to. Lyrics that say:

"so let's just pretend
everything and anything
between you and me
was never meant"

It's so simple, but so deep this whole album can be made into a movie. I'd be damned if that day ever came I would watch it and cry my eyes out. But overall the simple melodies, the structures and the delivery are the elements of why I'm attached to photography today. Because images can be that emotional and can sustain a certain amount of nostalgia the evidence of a moment taken drives a person to think about that moment in time for a long time.

Thank you American Football for the inspiration and the memories. You really made a difference in my life