Thursday, October 2, 2014

I wanted to get in more of what's been going on in politics lately. I'm sure a majority of you have been updated with the Islamic State story in Iraq and the current decision that Obama has made by training Syrian rebels. There have been a few reports of the beheadings of journalists and massive amount of killings since the Islamic State inception.

But I'm more into talking about the ideology of the whole Isis thing. Vice News did a documentary on the Islamic State awhile back. Most of the people who are involved in the group go around taking charge on making sure everything is in order for their so called "Allah". But watching the footage it just seemed like a bunch of people had this crazy vision and decided that it was okay to enforce this "vision" to the public. The women still opressed, people can't really drink, you still have to pray a certain amount of times in a day, and you're now under a rule of people who believe this is the way you should live. Seriously these guys don't have fun at all. They think having fun does not support "Allah".

And I think this is why we have so many wars. People's ideology is so off the wall that anyone that's crazy enough to follow will have others follow. Sort of brainwashing. I know that most of these religious people who find that religion has helped them follow through life as what they think should be. And those are the people who actually have a genuine heart about what they believe. But this... this shit... this is just horrible. I mean you're teaching young kids to protect "Allah" with an AK47. Who the fuck does that?

It's sad. It really is. And I hope this whole thing can be resolved. And idea cannot be thrown away when you have so many supporters backing it up. But you can indeed do what you can to stop something that could get worse.