Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hana Haley is a fashion photographer from the Portland, OR who now resides in San Francisco, CA. Her work is amazing. There's a lot of love in work and that's what stands out to me. I had the opportunity to interview her via email with a new mindset of her work. I'm stoked what she's going to bring to us next year.

1. There was someone on your tumblr awhile back that had asked about the people you chose to photograph. The question was asked by an anonymous person who had said "do you only photograph thin women?". In your reply you stated that you photograph women in various sizes. Does it bug you that the standards have stayed the same all these years and has not changed? And by straying away from modeling agencies is this a rebellion against the fashion industry as a whole?

Yeah, I'd like to see the industry embrace more types of women in the future. I believe it's possible but it will take a lot of hinting. It really bothers me that this industry tells me my work isn't professional because I'm not shooting with "real" models. I'd rather just shoot with humans I like as people and not care about their hip measurements.

2. Your images have a very classic feel to them. Before this interview you had told me it was because of your Grandfather had exposed you in an early age the classics of Alfred Hitchcock, murder shows, and 1950's musicals. Could you tell me a particular movie that you think could identify your style the most and what were some of those aesthetics that you took away from it?

I'd say the film 'Vertigo' has cast a long-lasting spell on me... I remember going to the same San Francisco locations the main characters go to and seeing how crass and uninspiring reality looked but understood I could change that with some 35 mm. The coloring, hazy filters, and general melancholy of that movie always appealed to me and I'm probably subconsciously trying to add it to my own works.

3. This movement in shooting film has skyrocketed over the years (I just got back into again 3 years ago). Was there a certain reason why you chose to shoot film? Was it to bring the nostalgia of your youth to your work or was it just a conscience decision you made?

Ahaha, to be honest I started shooting with film because I had a crazy crush on another photographer who only shot with film, and he suggested I switch. I realized though that it was a much better feeling because it came with a lot of mystery and heightened my concentration. Now I really can't stand digital because it looks really cheap to me.

4. Are there any photographers of the modern age that have influenced you? If so who are they and what was it that was so inspiring?

Wendy Bevan was one of the first fashion photographers I ever saw and her photos have always stuck with me... I wasn't really exposed to any other sort of photography, such as lifestyle or documentary, until I was older. But because I was 14 years old and my mind was like a little sponge I really soaked up her dreamy, haunting vintage polaroid aesthetic. They were inspiring because they were like anything I had ever seen before and somehow I connected to the nostalgic feeling in them.

5. What are some of the characteristics that you’re drawn by when photographing these women? Innocence? Strength? Emotion?

Emotion and a sense of solitude is really important. I can't stand girls who are overtly self-aware and shoving their persona at me. I like a little modesty.

6. Do you have a favorite camera? Pair of shoes? Pants? Hat?

My baby Canon AE-1 (which I actually gifted to a friend!). The pink pair of converse my dad gave me when I was 13. I don't really wear pants or hats, but they'd probably be high-wasited and black.

7. Who are your favorite fashion bloggers right now?

Permanently calivintage and the cherry blossom girl.

8. Last question. I know you have a short film coming out, a book, and a new project in the works. What should we expect from Hana Haley in 2015?

More films, more acting and more photos!