Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I've noticed that a couple of people that I follow on Blogspot, Wordpress, and Tumblr are either exclusively using Instagram, Tumblr or just completely out of the loop of blogging. Some of these individuals are not even photographers. I follow a variety of blogs that help me in some way. And thinking about it I've been doing the blogging thing for years. 5 years to be exact. This place was established in 2009 right after I closed my MYSPACE account (man... those were the days). And I've been so consistent about loading pictures and thoughts on what's been going on that it's been sort of an obsession to keep it going. There is so much content that I had put up for all of you to check out.

It's sort of a sketch book of stuff I worked on for years. It's quite amazing how long it's been and how far I've gone photographing and writing whatever's on my mind. I used to put logo's on my work, call myself a "street photographer", did vids on things that talked about photography and music, or whatever came to mind about my art. Now I don't have logos, call myself a "photographer" (because I could do it all and not put myself in one specific thing) and still talk about my inspirations on posts about art and how it's affecting me.

The question is does anyone care that I have a blog or not? Most of the content that I put up on my Tumblr gets the most traffic and gets viewers the chance to see my actual blog. Of course the traffic on Tumblr is a lot easier to work with than a Blogspot account due to the platform structure, but I can't see myself not posting anything on this particular blog. I've built this thing from the ground up and its current look really pleases me.

I don't know when this whole "blogging" thing is going to stop, but I'm going to keep going even if it becomes outdated. Writing my thoughts on the pictures I take or whatever comes to mind has been a practice for many years. I can remember my first website that I created when I took an HTML class back in high school. It was a GEOCITIES account under www.geocities.com/thebrokenpromise. There I would write my thoughts on things on anything I've dealt with in those years in high school. It was a different time to be part of the internet.

So yeah... who the fuck cares if I have a blog right? I should feel this way all the time, but it's something that I would like to share to the people who haven't seen my work before and want to know who I am. I'm putting my life in the internet and it can be scary sometimes especially with the amount of fraudulent people that can use these photos and claim themselves as me. Of course, I don't think anyone could do that because I'm pretty fucking cool and no one can be as cool as me