Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Photo Credit Uchujin

So, I read this "102 things I have learnt about street photography - a slightly flippant and deliberately controversial guide" and I must admit that it had taken my breath away at first. It came to that point that I had to email Blake Andrews about this and get his opinion on the whole thing. He told me this came out weeks ao so I'm pretty late to the party already. He also told me it was humorous for the fact that he thinks Charlie Kirk knew it was absurd to write such an absurd list.

And with Blake he's pretty damn smart and gets things that other people don't get. So, I had to look at this again and I must say that it is rather humorous. Maybe I was in a bad mood and saw this list being something so horrendous. Though, I can't think that way every time someone pokes fun at something that I like. Not that I do that every time, but there are some things I can be passionate about and with someone belittling it can be a bit irritating.

However, I can see this list driving certain crowds away. It's pretty offensive to photographers who aspire to be part of this culture. But it's also true that most of these kinds of photographers do have a chip on their shoulder. And like myself I need to learn how to see things in a different way and not react the way I did reading the list the first time. Everyone has their own opinions right?

I'm sure he's gotten much hate mail for making something like this. The list was supposed to be humorous and I'm sure if you didn't understand what he was trying to do he would think you're an idiot. I guess I can almost be counted in that group.

It's a crazy list. But I'm sure there are crazier ones out there. Like:

Fabio Pires trying to be a street photographer


LPV Magazine's post on 10 Oeuvres Aspiring Photographers Should Ignore