Thursday, September 11, 2014


On top of the usual posts I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I would talk about the photographs and some small details of what's been going on. There are very few posts where I would talk about some personal shit that's been happening like last week when I was sick as hell. I never want to feel like that again, but I'm sure in a couple years it's gonna come back.

Really though, most of what I've been dealing with is the fact that I haven't been shooting or editing as often as I should. I have loads of content to show, but there are themes that I go by that make me hesitant to show some of the work I've been producing. I'm barely catching up on editing and still have more rolls of film that need to be developed. Looking at some of the content now it's looking different from what I was producing years ago.

When you live in smaller town with nothing going on you gotta look for photographs. Most of the images I've been taking are of people I ask to take portraits of or things that just look good in light. I've also developed a new way of shooting (the SEAN CUSTER) as most of my images are being shot in the hip. It's a new technique I've been working on for a bit, but I don't know what the content looks like right now. If the images click then I'll be doing this more often.

Since I've been shooting less I've also been seeing less rolls piling up in my drawer. There are things to shoot around where I'm at, but I'm photographing carefully. I able to afford film no problem, but the content has to jive for me to capture it. I usually shoot on weekends, but I think I need to get back on the habit of shooting in the mornings and shooting at lunch.

I'm also considering shooting black & white this fall. I've been on a color binge for about three to four years and I think it's time I need to look at my work in tones rather in saturation. I've been inspired by loads of photographers who have produced black & white work for years and some of that work is looking so damn good. This would allow me to develop my own film and scan it at my leisure.

Also the next couple of months I'm considering updating my portfolio. I have some series based images backed up in my hard drive that I could use as an ongoing thing. I'm also considering taking some projects or images out and putting new ones in to give the work a bit more flow. I noticed that some of the images in my portfolio don't work anymore, so changing some stuff seems to be a good idea.

My main concern is getting my portfolio tighter than it was last year. I'm also going to attempt to throw another exhibit in Manchester, Ct at this pub/theatre around October or November. I'm not sure yet, but we will see in the meantime.

I hope things get better for me here. I hope that my work gets recognized somehow and I get more people to join in on some more exhibits soon. It's already September and things need to start changing. I think it's time.