Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm not sure if you had noticed from last week, but I was incredibly sick. It started out last weekend with the body aches, took some Nyquil thinking it would help, but turned out to be the worst hallucination I've ever endured, and on top of that I had call in sick on Monday. And to top it off trying to work on Tuesday had to be the worse idea I've ever had. So, much of the week up until this point I've been using Vicks Vapor Rub to let the vapors sort of calm my body down. It's been working, but it took awhile to get the sickness to just disappear. Even then I'm not even %100 better.

This whole experience has open my mind up as to knowing that my body should be treated with more respect. I lost a little bit of weight and am able to fit in a pair of pants I'd never thought I'd fit into again. I think I lost a total of 15 pounds and that's not really that good. My breakfast consisted of fruit smoothies, light lunches, and no dinners. I didn't have an appetite for anything and it bothered me for some reason. It still lingers and I find myself eating small bites of the portions I eat. My breakfast was two apples this morning. And I'm drinking tea and occasionally eating some cough supressant candies.

I'm not sure what is going to happen in the next few weeks. I do know that I need to start thinking about all the things I put into my body. I'm not getting any younger and I don't think my wife wants me to start getting bigger. This maybe a wakeup call to finding better health. In the week I'll be posting up some new stuff hopefully. You guys always get to see new stuff coming anyway, but I'm going to find some images that I think work for I felt the whole week. Stay tuned.