Friday, January 4, 2019

Dear December,

It was weird knowing you were coming around and staying for awhile. You're presence fills hearts while in others it breaks them apart. You're a reminder of everything good or bad that happened for the last eleven that have come around. You try your best to keep us happy, but unintentionally make us sad. I can only begin to tell you how thankful I am to see you, but also upset you're around. I missed you so much and wanted to hang out, but you weren't around in the last six to seven years. Just recently you decided to hang and ask how I was doing for once. And for once I could say to you "I'm doing alright".

For once I can tell you that I finally got to talk to my family again, that I finally can be me again, and that I can finally be happy when Christmas was around. I can finally tell you that my significant other understands how I feel and that my friends are still there when I need them. I got a good majority of them back in my life, but I'm still a long ways to go. I missed you and I hope I don't see you again until I hang with the other eleven. So long. See you again soon. And don't come back until I'm ready to tell you more stories about my life and how good it's been.