Friday, October 5, 2018

Dear September,

I'm thankful you came around and calmed me a bit. Its still strange to say I'm 33 knowing I haven't the slightest idea of how I'm going to survive when I turn 40. But I have to be patient and persistent. Sometimes you gave me sunburn and sometimes you gave me wet feet. Humid mornings when I couldn't decide on hot or cold coffee and chilly afternoons when I regretted not bringing a sweater. I've been quiet lately. Not just because I'm calm more these days, but because these memories have begun to roll in my mind. I'm feeling that my past is starting to disappear and these present and future happenings are becoming a thing I think about daily. Of course being able to reflect as a reminder of being humble has not dissolved, but it certainly isn't going to cripple what I'm trying to achieve. Maybe I'm afraid to let these memories go.

But I thank you for being here for me. You're not the type I look forward to seeing to be honest, but you were here and you were welcoming.