Monday, October 15, 2018

Being honest about this, but I've definitely been drifting away from digital again. Something about it just doesn't suit me as a photographer well even though most of my education was built from it. I find it strange that the pictures I produce in camera and in post doesn't reflect the way I see things. This turns to shitty pictures with no thoughts (or at least no effort). Don't get me wrong. Purchasing the x100t was definitely a big thing for me and I realize that I haven't used it to its full potential. There are plenty of things I could use it for, but just don't seem to feel like it's going anywhere.

So yes, I haven't been photographing with this camera as much as I should, but the reasons really are that I'm just not motivated to shoot with it. I'm definitely glad that I have this camera than a big ass DSLR that I'll probably only use once or twice. It just doesn't seem to go well with what I do as a photographer.