Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm not really sure what to believe, what I should be doing, where I should go, how to be, what I could do, answer this and that, and so forth. There have been a grouping of thoughts in my head lately as to what would be next for me. At this point I'm willing to try anything to help me get out of this stupid rut that I'm in. I've been dabbling on a couple of ideas as of late, but none have really kept me going other than that last post about music and photography being a project I've wanted to created.

New project | #mathrock #emo #jazzy

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This is currently the progress I've been making with this. It's a bit tedious and I'm hoping the results will fare well when the collection of songs are all done. But at this time this is all I have going for me. I'm usually down to do different things and down to at least get away from projects like these when I need to be. I can't just stick to one thing all the time. It gets me all frustrated and emotional.... kinda like my job.

But I don't know how I feel about things right now. I mean.. I guess it's coming out pretty positive? I guess things are okay? I guess I'm doing what I could do for the time being? I don't fucking know. Certain things are getting harder to deal with. And the more I get older the more I get jaded. I shouldn't be negative about it, but I'm speaking on my feelings. Gawd... why the fuck am I here right now?

I'll tell you why... because I have nowhere to go.