Friday, March 4, 2016

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There has been this spurt of motivation to write music lately. Above is one of the examples of my writings since last year. In development of this I've thought about what I could do with it and who to talk to for other collaborations. It isn't easy to write music, but it helps to have some software that will allow you to outline what may be potential songs for the future.

And this is the program I've been using for quite a bit. This really helps just drawing a small outline to a big picture. I have a lot of control figuring out how long I want the song to be, the BPM & the movement of each part. It's tough on some days as I can get stuck on some parts and other days I could pretty much complete it.

What I hope to do this year is to actually combine my writing and photographs together to one tangible thing. Present it in a show or something. There are a lot of ideas floating around for me, but I gotta be careful at what I do.