Friday, December 25, 2015

For a couple of days I've felt this annoyance of the "Christmas Spirit". In fact, I've felt this way for quite some time now. Getting older has sort of served this cynical outlook on how Christmas really is these days. Black Friday kicks off after Thanksgiving and already everyone that gave thanks to whatever they were thankful for disappears when they want to get a TV for $399 fighting for a "lifetime" deal that may not even matter months later. I wonder if companies do this shit just so they can have a laugh. It is sad. Very sad.

I also realize the stress people have in the holidays. I mean you would think that this time of the year would be filled with joy, but I see more fights in this time of the year than any other year. Most of these fights actually come around in the Mall and I have witnessed people at their worst there. It's almost hilarious to see this to tell you the truth. They want things to be perfect and when things are not going their way they just explode. Kinda love it to tell you the truth.

The people that work behind the counter probably get the worst treatment as these individuals get yelled at for no reason. One mistake and they will get blasted. It could be of the littlest things. They work for shitty dimes with crap sandwiches. And they get crapped on some more. No appreciation from the people buying from them and the companies that employ these poor human beings.

I for one have gotten sick of the holidays. I don't think it's the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, I think it's the shittiest time of the year. The excuses of people being nice for a couple of days in one month and revert back to being a complete asshole the next eleven is just baffling. I get stressed out trying to find out what my wife wants for Christmas. Bills pile up. We're broke the next three months. I don't see good paychecks. The snow fucking sucks. Stress stress & stress.

The spirit of Christmas has been dead for years. It hasn't been the same since I've aged. And I think that it'll get worse and worse as I get older. I don't really believe in the spirit anymore and it's because of what I've experienced that has defined that for me.

So yeah.... fuck Christmas.