Friday, December 11, 2015

Last year I was adamant about relationships between two different photos. I used to blog about it Monday, Wednesday & Friday as an exercise to see what kind of commonality I can create between two photographs. It was inspired by William Mebane who still continues to create this commonality of the images he creates. But this year it's been just Polaroids and small updates here and there. I've been busy and it's been great.

But recently my interest in finding common relationships in pictures have caught my interest once again by Kate Sweeney who is a current Columbus, Ohio resident who shoots mostly portraits. Her attention to detail in color is fascinating not to mention the subject matter she seems to analyze. I've seen some of her recent diptychs as of late and it really helped me regain that interest once again.

So, since purchasing a digital camera once again I've been playing around the idea of using this method for next year along with another method of shooting. I love just posting work and seeing its age when I scroll through the images months or years later of posting.

For these set of photographs, though, I want to actually Photoshop them... meaning removing certain things in the photo like dirt, maybe some highlights, and whatever feels as though the photo doesn't look aesthetically pleasing. Most of my images (especially film) only heal the dust and scratches and it will most likely stay that way. Previous digital images never needed that kind of care. But for the images I'm shooting these days I think I want to play with the idea of using some of these tools in a fine art approach.

I know from previous experiences that I was sort of instrumental about shooting digital photographs. But since I've purchased a digital camera that I actually like the landscape of photography has since changed. I have more ideas for projects which can help me out later on. I'm having fun with photography again and that's the way it should be.

I also realized that I want to be a bit relevant in the photo world and not be so isolated all the time. Shooting film, in my experience so far, has sort of secluded me. I should be a bit more accepting in some of these circumstances and that will hopefully allow me to be accepted in different areas of the photo world.

Next year should be a blast. I know my negativity can sometimes slow me down, but at this point I think I got a better outlook as to how I want process photographs once again.