Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015 everyone. This year should be just as productive as last year if not more. I have many aspirations for the next few months and am aware of the challenges ahead. This year I want to work on getting more exhibits in and show my collection of work to the public. I will also be shooting Polaroids as a weekly updater. I decided to do Polaroids this year just so the projects I'm working on can stay pent up in the hard drive and brew for awhile. They are being edited as we speak.

I also acquired a good number of cameras last year and one of them being this Pentax Auto 110. I'll be shooting black and white for 2015 and maybe even for the next few years. It's just something I've aspired to do for awhile.

The working title I have for the new project is called "In a Place I'll Probably Sleep". It pays homage to John Galm's first solo album release through Broken World Media and was easily one of my favorite solo releases of 2014. I've been a fan of John Galm's past works through Street Smart Cyclist and Snowing (not so much of his garage efforts through Slow Warm Death however) so this record was definitely something I'd love just seeing it's release.

On the past post regarding the album I had mentioned his subject about death. I've been thinking about it a lot and it's been something I've wanted to use as a theme for a new project. Nothing morbid though. More of a take of how others perceive it.

Let's welcome 2015 with open arms. I'll have my first Polaroid post this coming Monday. Until then Happy New Year everyone!