Friday, January 23, 2015

The fireplace lit up with two logs and 20 pieces of paper that was used to start the fire. A couple of tries of igniting and few adjustments of the logs be positioned a fire finally starts. It's warm and the embers are slow and steady and every 10 minutes a burst of flame would appear. The fire would then casually hangout for an hour.

All the lights are out except the small Christmas tree that stands 2 feet tall. I'm next to the fireplace, with a serving tray occupied with tea cups and tea pot, and a computer with a blog post waiting to be written. But I have no ideas and I'm completely lost of what I wanted to say. So I stare at it a few and make attempts to write. Nothing makes sense. All I write is about things I don't want to do... like write a blog post.

The embers slowly take over. It's almost like they're tucking themselves to sleep. I continue to stare at the screen with my hands positioned for any ready idea. But I'm still lost.

My wife calls me to the bedroom and I gave her the "I'll be there in 20 minutes" excuse when it turned into 45. But alas the embers still burn slow. I close my laptop, drink a couple of sips of tea, take a leak, and readied for bed. I only slept 4 hours.