Monday, January 5, 2015


Donna / Lowell, Ma / December 25th, 2014

Welcome to the start of my Polaroid year. I'll be carrying the huge camera with me everywhere I go. I'm starting to appreciate the art of printing more and more as most of my images are being printed for exhibits. Sure it's going to be a bit expensive, but I'm already buying film, developing it and scanning it so what's more to add to the mess right? :|

Anyway, I've been interested in light that emits through windows lately. Sometimes the color of the sun changes through blinds or curtains and creates these interesting colors & shapes that make photos cinematic. I love portraits that uses this technique and allow the sun to take control of the situation. Most of the time it produces exceptional results just as long as you let it take charge. The light was emitting on my wife that part of the morning and I had her stay put so I can frame her. It's not too often that I just photograph a portion of her, but here it is which I found it interesting enough to keep. I may want to photograph more of these details of individuals in a closer perspective.