Monday, December 22, 2014

Andre Wagner recently appeared on my radar through the blogger feed. It was a nice change from the work I've been looking through as more and more of my interests have been focused solely on isolated areas, small towns and portraits of the usual. But Andre reminded me of the work I used to process and how I approached the process during my time in the Bay Area.

Andre's photographic style is based through street/documentary photography. He's released two books, Black Boys & The Purist, and is a BFA in both Social Work and Digital Media. I can see why his pictures come out the way it does based on his studies.

When I look at his work I'm reminded of the many classic photographers of the early years. The compositions are slightly offset, the tones are in almost every shade of gray, and the subjects reflect his attitude towards the world he lives today. Perhaps the points I made are just assumptions, but I'm feeling his vibe about life.

Give this guy a chance. Here are some of his links.