Monday, December 8, 2014


Bill Conway hosts this show interviewing individuals (mostly from bands) about converting to straight edge and others who have broken edge. It consists of some of the origins people went through converting to the idea, they're experience and how it's effected them present day. Lots of individuals I've known who have converted to straight have stayed and left the pact. This podcast allows individuals involved in it tell their stories.

What I like about this podcast is the fact that Bill isn't showing just one side of straight edge, rather, a different range of perspectives. Some have obviously used this idea to create a positive influence in their life while others have seen a side of it that has greatly effected them in a negative way. All in all the idea of straight edge has helped them look at life differently and will continue to be an influence in the years to come.

I'm glad this podcast exists because some people who are straight edge shouldn't stay straight edge. Kind of weird to say right? It can be taken too far and is treated like a religion of some sort. Of course anyone who labels themselves something can either be positive or negative, but that's how the world works I guess.

Give this little thing a listen. It's comical in ways, but it also informs people that straight edge is either good or bad for people.