Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 photographers were ask "what they wished they learned in school" from photo news PetaPixel. The article stated the obvious such as gear knowledge and business knowledge, but there were two that sort of went a little further than those subjects.

Ami Vitale

"One major thing I wish school had taught more about the language of contracts, copyright law, and knowing how to navigate through the business side of things. Having talent and working hard is one side of being a photographer but you must also be a decent business person to continue the craft.

Another really significant thing is the importance of working on a personal project. It’s the kind of thing that you have to do for yourself only. Don’t think about whether an editor or audience is going to like it. Do you care about it? Thats what keeps creativity and inspiration flowing. It also attracts the kind of clients you want to be working for in the future."

Elizabeth Weinberg
"The most important thing to remember is to keep making new work, even if you feel like you’re in a slump. The internet now affords you unlimited free gallery space. You want as many eyes as possible to see your work. Come up with new projects and see them through. Make zines, do print giveaways, keep yourself active on social media, go to openings (and be a nice person!)—jobs can come from the strangest places and it’s all about staying visible and keeping your name floating above the noise."

I think they're great pieces of advice from schooled photographers. What I wish art school had taught me was do shit yourself and who cares what others think. And as far as being a certain type of photographer be yourself because everyone else is taken.