Day 349 of 365: Shots Called - Emergency

Friday, December 14, 2012

Shots Called - Emergency

In the wake of the morning I went ahead and took my girlfriend to work before doing a couple of errands for the day. I stopped by the local car garage after taking my cat to the vet to get an oil change. While in the waiting room they had a T.V. broadcasting the "Today Show." Suddenly breaking news pops up about the Sandy Hook Elementary school under emergency. Reports have said shots have been fired. So after hearing the news, driving back to my girlfriend's workplace to deliver her food, I went home and absorbed whatever I could.

And that was it. I sat there, posting Facebook messages about the tragedy of the whole event. I sat there on the couch watching the news as the anchors deliver the breaking news each hour. I sat there trying to understand why a person could do such a horrible thing. My feed was flooded with thoughts about the tragedy.

As always the networks will twist and turn the facts, point the finger at the first person or group that are potential suspects, or develop subjects unrelated to and/or even inappropriate for what the real issue is. It becomes one big cluster of blame and opinion, accusations and solutions, ideas that don't even matter.

What is the real issue here? The issue is people are dead. Children are dead. Adults are dead. The parents are dead. In the time of the holidays you would think we would share our thanks to those surrounding us. You would think this would be a moment to make us unite and maybe even start again. And then there's this....

Take a step back.. look at what is being posted on the walls of your social networks, the T.V., and any media in front of you. Gather it up all in one. Now ask yourself... What is it that we are trying to fix?

It'll never make sense. Much like violence.