Bueno Power Music Hour

Monday, July 30, 2012


Lately I've been getting inspired to listen to bands that help create a vision for my work. As a former musician I still try to keep up with some of the music out there. Lately most of it still lacks the artistic atmosphere bands from the earlier years had. I still look just in case and do come across some fine work, but it doesn't compare to the music I used listen to. So.. what are some of those bands? Read below and find out.

Cheval De Frise

Awhile ago a friend of mine Colby Tibbet sent me a link to this band on youtube. Knowing how much of a fan I am with Math Rock (let alone Don Caballero like bands) it made sense for him to show me this. From France the two piece are only one drum and one classical guitar... that's right.. a classical guitar. The melodies are beautiful, chaotic, and free. Each song has its dark and pretty parts. I highly recommend this to anyone who is into something a bit more experimental.

The Microphones/Mount Eerie

Years ago I went to through a phase with folk. Though that there were a number of those artists around I wanted to find folk bands that took a different approach to the style rather than just going about singing and strumming. Phil Elvrum delivers this need. With the beauty of the melodies and the atmosphere that is folk it also delivers lo-fi explosions that make you want to your headphones down until it got quiet again. Phil's compositions are just incredible. You can be sure that you won't be bored listening to it.

Iron and Wine

No doubt Iron and Wine is a great group that create such meaningful music. It's quiet, it's slow, but is creative instrumentally. This is something that I love about Iron and Wine that distinguishes itself from other folk artists that were trying too hard to replicate that sound. The first album is a great start to this. I'm sure most of you know, but it doesn't hurt to remind you the great sounds of yesterday.