It Took Awhile to Get Here

Monday, October 2, 2023

After my Nanay had passed away I've felt uninspried to blog about anything. And even then I'm here sort of figuring out how to get comfortable again. But honestly I've been quite busy. Busy because I know I should be productive for the most part. Busy because that's all I know how to be when I want to run from stuff.

At the same time I've been surrounded by my loved ones to at least deal with the fact that my grandmother had lived a pretty fulfilling life and that she was around her loved ones before she left. So here I am.... trying to write shit again.

This record finally comes out and I'm actually happy that I had the confidence to arrange a specific thing. My friends and family have been very supportive about it and I'm happy they enjoyed it. The record is certainly a diary of my time photographing the street and I'm glad that I was able to perform.

I know this is sort of a jumbled post considering that death and a record is talked about, but that's the general feeling that I have right now. I'm happy, trust, but still melancholy about certain things that I would wish had been better. It's okay though. I'm here now and I'm hoping to post more soon.

- Arthur