So, Spring Is Finally Here

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

You wouldn't believe how much crap we had to eradicate. Recently Jen and I strategized the idea of cleaning up a part of a house each weekend we have free. And to approach it this way gave us some piece of mind without having to feel stressed out trying to do everything all at once. When you were young in an asian household you were a child laborer for your parent when spring decided to come around. The annoyances of having to spend the whole weekend inside the house while you saw your friends play outside..... And to think about it I'm glad I was instilled that mindset of making sure you had to at least make your bed..

It gave us some focus on what needed to be changed up, thrown away and wiped clean. It felt good considering a clean house really clears the mind. And especially when you have a bunch of crap just lying around that's not being used it can get bothersome knowing that particular thing lives with you (at least it bothers me). I'm glad I took the time to help get this done.

Springtime is here. Remember to listen to my Springtime Cassette Tape I recorded a year ago lol

- Arthur