Neigborhood Stroll

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

As of the late the light has been coming out which prompts me to shoot more. During pandemic I used to just stroll around and take pictures just to keep the exercise of having the viewfinder in my eye. I'm always looking for stuff and looking to see if there's anything I can take pictures of. This kind of shooting is fun for me and I hope to do more of it in the future.


Wow.. I'm really having fun with this camera. The thing is so freakin' slow when it comes to saving images to the card, but to be honest I'm glad this process is a bit laggy. It really allows me to shoot in a certain mindset. I have to be a bit more selective about how I frame the images. The viewfinder is soo small lol, but it's a small camera. I just got a new memory card for it so I'll be able to hold at least 200 something images instead of 15 hahahhaa.

Also, I think I'm done posting film work and other work on the gram. I'm just not having fun with it anymore and am more apt to just observe rather than post. I mean I'll post all my digicam stuff, but that's about it.

- Arthur