I'm Gonna Just Use My Digicam for Most Things For Awhile LOL

Monday, April 17, 2023

So, recently I acquired two "DigiCam" cameras for the price of $10. Freakin' steal man, but one particular camera I'm using right now is this Minolta Dimage XT.

Currently this is my go-to camera that I'll be experimenting with for the rest of this year. I had the idea of playing with these cameras since getting the Polaroid Point & Shoot and realized the potential of it benefiting my everyday rig. Sometimes you just want to bring something small when you're going to work, out with friends or to just don't want to carry anything else.

What's different about this camera is the ability to shoot in TIFF (Raw for current cameras if you haven't heard of TIFF before). This gives the camera more appeal to me as it allows me to control more information when I want to edit images in Camera Raw. I know the appeal is to treat it like an instant camera, but as someone who has control issues I felt this was a great fit for me.

The TIFF thing is what helped me think about the camera as a permanent source for digital imagery for the everyday. I know that my X100T is a great camera (and definitely not giving it up), but I want to be a bit more discreet and allow myself freedom to shoot images without a care. Like, use the tech as a dice roll of chance for decent exposures. And based on some of the research I conducted the printing at this megapixel quality is pretty decent. This thing is 3.2 Megapixels, but it can certainly print up to 8 x 10 if upscaled properly. It's very slow, takes awahile to process, but compact and unintrusive. I don't blast photographs like most people do.

I know it's silly to be using old tech and such (and to be sucked in such a stupid "DigiCam" thing), but I appreciate the fact that people are looking at these old units with a freeing approach. Seeing these folks take these outdated units and celebrate its limitations is what makes this fun ya know? I like being around a community of folks who like to have fun with the art of photography and not be too serious about it. And I get it that this is all a fad, but for me I'm interested in seeing what we had abandoned to have it be replaced by our phones. It's been cool seeing how much of this has risen up. I'm happy that I get to experience this all over again.

- Arthur