Friday, May 31, 2019

From the Memorial Day weekend to this whole week has been nothing short of stressful. Things are starting to move fast and we haven't even reach the intro to summer. This is usually the case. I've had these issues years ago with my past relationship. This time I'm hoping to have some sort of control with what I've been dealing with.

But I must admit this time around things are getting exciting at the same time. My partner and I were told we got the apartment we wanted and will be ready July 1st. This means a lot of my savings will be empty, but also means new experiences awaits. I'm stoked for the fact that things will start to change and maybe even my creativity will come back. I mean I still have it and stuff, but I think that in a new space I can start working on the project I've been wanting to finish for awhile.

Speaking about the project... I may just cut a lot of the fat from the amount of songs I've written from last year and pick out the ones that will be definitive to the vision I've started. What I'm hoping to do is get this body of work out there before the end of the year. I don't think I have enough material to make it be a full length album. I've struggled with this idea for months and months and have gotten no progress from this. I have to be real and just pick the ones that will best represent what this project means to me.

Other than that things will start to get crazier. It's going to be very dumb I just know it, but I have to deal with it. Hopefully things will calm down before the end of July :(