Friday, February 1, 2019

Seemed like this week has been one of the longest weeks. I'm sure this is false, but the amount of hours I've been awake has been more than ridiculous.

But you know it's okay. It seems like the sun has been shining a lot more these last few days and the night time wants to come around a bit later than usual. I'm doing my best to enjoy what's coming to me day by day and I gotta say living in the present and not really worrying about futures has been very pleasant. I think that this month has been a bit of a rocky start, but sorting out all of this shit that's been going on I've finally found some ground.

First of all it's been nice being able to save some money. I have yet to spend some cash on developing all the film that I've not developed in the last few months and still need to cut up a bunch of film to put onto some sleeves. I think that the last few rolls of these cameras that I have still loaded will be my last ones for the moment. I need to get organized and start focusing on how I'm going to scan all this fucking crap. Once I figured out how I want to approach all this shit I'll definitely be working on that. I need to start being active on that part again. There's just so much I want to do, but so little time to even make time to create the time to do it. Whatever though... baby steps I guess.