Friday, February 15, 2019

I did a lot more self portraits this time around. Kind of strange as the outside hasn't been all the interesting as of late. It does, however, break up the monotony of what I've felt like I've been photographing over the month-and-a-half so far. As I sit and write this the outside is gloomy and I'm stuck at work looking at this shit and trying to look productive.

And as the seasons start to shift constantly I'm finding my mood trying to follow its footsteps. Taxing to my mental and physical it's a time that my arthritis starts to act up, I can't play guitar properly and I have to wear a jacket to keep warm at night. It's a usual thing here in the east coast as most of the weather just fluctuates all the fucking time. I should expect this living here for about 7 years. It's tiring and I just want out of here.