Friday, August 24, 2018

Concept art has appealed to me ever since I set foot in art school. Being taught the idea of concept and knowing how it can affect the work itself was a definite game changer on how I saw my own work. Some concepts immediately go to the trash, some can start and finish, and some can stay alive for years. I'm one of those people that starts a concept and finishes it so that new ones can be worked on. I can't help, but be jealous to those people who can create a concept and do additional twists to it for years and years. I think that's how I feel about Nahre.

So far I've been casually watching her videos being amazed on how well she brings music, graphic illustration, motion sequence and concept all in one. She's pretty prolific on how she composes pieces and how she composes video. This is a big advantage for her and her concept as an artist. No one is doing something like this right now I really down for it.

This brings me to the idea of what I want to do for next year.

Next year I'm thinking of doing a 365 project again. This time posting up one picture a day. This may come in as black and white, color or both. I'm also playing the idea of posting all these images on Instagram and this blog. I feel like that's the way to go about this whole thing. Editing the pictures may be done using my phone. I think that it's a good challenge to try and make edits using your phone since it's the one thing I have in my possession and that can be used as an editor. Vlogging will also be adjusted. I might do a monthly Vlog and make longer, more constructive videos. Like, have a monthly concept on what I've experienced. I may even do music for the video if I can get them done in time.

Everything is starting to make sense again and I'm starting to understand how much creativity I still have. I think that being excited in art is something that people need to have in order to keep doing what they're doing. It's hard for people to last this long in art, but I guess the reason why I'm still doing it is the fact that I don't know anything else. Many people won't understand it, but I sure as hell don't care.